The Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Electrolyser Company

VIRECA’s mission is to transform industry and reduce CO2 emissions using highly efficient solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) and electrolyzer cells (SOEC)


SOFCs efficiently transform chemical energy into electrical energy. The solid electrolyte conducts oxygen ions, enabling the utilization of various types of fuels, including not only hydrogen but also methane, ammonia, methanol, and CO.

SOEC’s efficiently transform electrical energy into chemical energy. Water vapor is converted into hydrogen, and CO2 is converted into CO.

This technology enables co-electrolysis to produce syngas with a variety of compositions, serving as a fundamental component for the synthesis of various other chemicals.

Industry use cases

SOFC for remote shipping

Use ammonia or methanol for offshore applications like shipping

SOFC for biogas

Biodigesters can turn organic waste into biogas which can be efficiently turned into green energy

SOEC for chemical industry

Electrify chemical industry by reutilizing carbon waste and use SOEC to turn CO2 to syngas as basis for methanol and other chemicals

SOEC for steel industry

Electrify steel industry by reutilizing carbon waste and use SOEC to turn CO2 to syngas for reducing iron oxide to iron

The wide range of fuels allows to use ammonia or methanol in remote applications and shipping

Biodigesters turn organic waste into biogas, which can be turned into green power more efficiently with SOFC than with combustion engines

Electrify chemical industry by using green power and CO2 waste streams to produce CO or syngas as a basis for methanol, aldehydes and other chemicals

Electrify steel industry by transforming CO2 waste streams into a reduction gas for steel making furnaces, reducing iron oxide ores into iron


Feasibility study

We like to develope your electrolyser or fuel cell idea.

Lab scaled experiments

From single cell, small stack up to kW stack fuel cell & electrolysis measurements. We offer experimental stacks with cells from every European supplier.

Mobile unit

We do SOFC and SOEC experiments at your site.

Pilot & more

We offer a standardized pilot plan. We build full scale projects.

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